LC International was born from our belief that we can make a difference to the construction sector, and wider built environment.

Our entire team holds the same belief, based on decades of experience creating improvement using lean principles. We understand the industry’s challenges, and we know categorically that what we do and how we do it drives positive change and transformation into businesses.

Our team combines a variety of skill sets with professional training, facilitation, coaching and consultancy, all utilising lean methodologies and principles that have transformed the productivity and efficiency of other industries. Every member of the team helped to create our values, and they live and breathe them into every client and project.

Mark Worrall
Managing Director

Our Purpose

We create exceptional value for the global built environment by helping all stakeholder parts transform their productivity, collaboration and sustainability. In doing so we equip the industry with the mindsets and skillsets to build tomorrow’s world today.

We accelerate the delivery of transformation by tapping into the passion of people, the power of digitisation and the strength of smart working practices.

Building tomorrow’s capability today is our DNA

Social Value – to support charitable causes and our communities, help our people be their best and fully embrace the gift of diversity.

All members of LC International live and represent our values and act with integrity.

Our foundations


It’s ‘winning hearts and minds’.

Whether we need to influence behaviours, create new ways of working, or develop skills and capabilities within an organisation, we need to win people over to make it happen. Whether that be executive team or team leaders, we engage at all levels of an organisation.

We get involved. We’re not consultants doing a review at arm’s length and then producing a report to tell you what the problem is. We’re working alongside you, in partnership, to identify the issues, develop the solutions and deliver results. We coach you through the Process and make sure the necessary changes happen.


Without the right leadership behaviours, sustainable transformation becomes an insurmountable challenge. So when it comes to people, we must start with the right kind of leadership.

We help leaders to build and inspire high performing, thriving teams. We ensure leaders can walk the talk when it comes to lean principles, collaboration and engagement.

Ultimately, we’re here to coach and develop the kind of leaders the built industry needs. Confident, knowledgeable, driven and continuously delivering meaningful improvement.


Companies with clear strategies, connected strongly with their vision, are significantly more likely to be more successful. Our goal is to ensure your change agenda supports that strategy, and that your programmes are laser focused on delivering to target.

We’ll help you ensure that your strategy cascades throughout your organisation to engage all levels of deployment. It’s critical to ensure your strategy is meaningful to your people and they understand the role they play and contribution they will make to its successful delivery.

"The concept of Lean is a management culture which is striving for continuous improvement. This, linked with an in-depth knowledge of where to make improvement in construction, significantly improved the productivity of the handset stone installations on the Chelsea Barracks project. LC International made a real difference to this critical strand of works and enabled programme mitigation measures, associated with these works."
Richard Thorpe | Director, Mace