We’re here to take the built environment forward, at pace.

We have the ability to help businesses improve, get better at what they do, reduce their costs, get their projects completing on time and in budget, with less waste and smarter ways to do things, aided by some clever bits of technology.

We recognise and understand the challenges in the industry. Quality and productivity need to improve, margins can be tight and projects often overrun. But we can help with all of that.

We work in collaboration with our clients, with an engaging approach, focused on people and completely tailored for each client’s requirements.

All of which means you, your colleagues and most importantly your end users could be a lot happier. And the happier your customers are, the more they will seek your help going forward.

Sounds good, we know.

Who we work with


Our approach | The 4 As ®


Assess is getting people together and getting everything out on the table. What needs to happen and what is happening. This brings all issues and opportunities to the surface to guide objective decision making.


Align organises everyone’s thoughts, decisions and actions, so everything that happens directly contributes to achieving what needs to happen. Aligning people behind the improvement programme.


Amplify builds momentum as improvement takes hold. It seeks to continuously improve on thoughts, decisions and actions so that what needs to happen is achieved more gracefully, efficiently, consistently and predictably. Changing not only processes and systems, but also behaviours, helps boost performance.


Accelerate is the multiplier effect, generating activities across an organisation, turning small improvements into major change. What needs to happen, happens faster and exceeds original expectations. We coach to build momentum, refining systems, streamlining processes and enhancing capability across teams.

What we achieve

Accelerating performance improvement means… we help you do things better, faster, with less effort and frustration, fewer errors and make sure you achieve your deadlines. Whether it’s problem solving on a specific programme, implementing quality management systems, delivering Lean training and leadership development programmes, or leading to embed a culture of continuous improvement, we leverage Lean principles, best practice from leading industries and decades of experience to make a difference to your business. We devise bespoke solutions to each situation.

We understand, we coach, we train, we deliver.

Accelerated performance improvement across…

Quality – ‘right first time’ processes

Cost – adherence to budgets, more with less

Productivity – better, faster, leaner

Delivery – products on time, programmes on time

Safety – health and safety, wellbeing

Winning work and building reputation

Delivering immediate benefits and providing you with the skills, capability and approach for a bright future. Building tomorrow’s capability, today.

Quality Management System

Poor quality costs £billions. i-QMS ensures quality sits at the heart of any project in the built environment, utilising best practice.

Lean Construction Practitioner Programme

Fully accredited, unique, experiential online training. The only course of its kind tailored for the built environment.

Performance Management Execution

Elevating the PMO to a new level, with lean principles, digital tools and enhancements, provides a streamlined, intuitive, focused solution.

Lean Supply Chain

The need to develop and improve your supply chain has never been more important.
“I have no doubt that Lean Construction International’s contribution here has delivered a significant benefit to the team and the project position overall”
Bob Coe | Project Director, Greenwich Peninsula