Poor quality costs £billions

The built environment is on the road to transformation.

But it has a long way to go.

The industry lags behind in the development and use of digital solutions, continuous improvement and quality management.

The impact of poor quality is massive and runs through the entire supply chain, causing huge overruns, increased costs, reduced margins, increased health & safety risk, poor products and ultimately dissatisfaction for the end customer.

It’s not just us who think so. Reports from the ‘Get it Right Initiative’ and Construction Innovation Hub support the need for proper quality management in the industry.

"We estimate that the annual spend due to error is around 7 x times the total annual profit of the UK Construction Industry."
Poor quality sacrifices your profits.

Avoidable errors cost the industry approx. £5bn per year in the UK. Which is higher than the average profit levels across the industry (around 3%).

And puts your people at risk.

Groundbreaking research found that nearly 40% of accidents happen during rework.

And 70% of people doing rework are likely to be injured.
Research from the Get It Right Initiative
Top 10 root causes of error
  1. Inadequate planning
  2. Late design changes
  3. Poorly communicated design information
  4. Poor culture in relation to quality
  5. Poorly coordinated design information
  6. Inadequate attention paid in the design to construction
  7. Excessive commercial (financial and time) pressure
  8. Poor interface management and design
  9. Ineffective communication between team members
  10. Inadequate supervisory skills
Introducing a quality framework to the built environment
Utilises best practice from other sectors, e.g. automotive, aerospace, nuclear
Works end to end across your project lifecycle, improving value and reducing costs
Works in partnership to introduce enhanced systems and embed them into current ways of working
Builds quality into your culture and your processes

i-QMS ensures quality sits at the heart of any project in the built environment, utilising best practice from other industries. From driving the right behavioural techniques to gaining full buy-in and alignment, our approach addresses the flowdown of quality requirements, through the entire project life-cycle, from client brief to asset acceptance and adoption.
Our methodology delivers an objective driven approach and develops the extended Integrated Project Team (IPT) with all stakeholders and supply chain partners, through each phase of the project. Fostering collaboration throughout the team and ensuring the baton of quality is successfully transferred and managed at each potential point of failure.

Our i-QMS approach is modular and tailored for every client’s needs. Applied as a standard approach across an organisation, it ensures a quality driven culture, but can equally be focused to problem solve on a major programme or strengthen elements of your supply chain.

For more information and a demonstration of how i-QMS could address your Quality challenges, please contact us.