The School is completely FREE and allows you to access training in 5 different areas Sustainability, Offsite, BIM, Lean and Management and offers you the opportunity to attend our training and networking events, gain CPD points, complete a self-assessment and get a bespoke action plan, complete e-learning modules and various training resources.

The School is for everybody working in the Construction, FM, Homes and Infrastructure sectors who work in England, Scotland and Wales.We cover a wealth of topics from Waste & Carbon, Fairness Inclusion and Respect and The Modern Slavery Act as well as many more sustainability issues.


We at VisiLean strive to address this ‘Core’ of production, and the issues related to this core, by integrating with the peripheral systems in a dynamic collaborative setting. Our aim is to provide a Visual-Lean production planning platform, for optimizing the overall production process.

Our collaborative setting facilitates smooth workflows, reduces wastes in production, and ensures value by maximining integration between the core and the project systems.

LC international works closely with Visilean as an implementation partner to drive the deployment benefits and impacts.


LC International & Shirley Parsons have partnered to offer an integrated project delivery solution that enables client and tier-one organisations to get it right first time, increase quality, and reduce costs. Shirley Parsons bring a global footprint and extensive experience of quality & safety consulting and delivery on complex infrastructure projects with major clients including HS1, Channel Tunnel, Heathrow and Hinkley Point C. Together with LCint’s abilities to increase productivity through Lean in Construction, clients are benefitting from a single integrated solution to provide them with better returns on projects.

KEYTRACKER – Key & Asset Management Systems and Solutions

Keys and equipment are vital to every business, but keeping these secure while quickly accessible, without time-consuming administration, can be challenging.

Keytracker have an extensive range of security solutions for your business. As well as secure, the systems are easy to use and accessible. From a basic key safe box to advanced Electronic key control systems, we can help install a solution that can manage your business keys and access to stock and equipment too. Keytracker work with LC International to support onsite Implementation and the customer experience and drive ROI.

Keytracker Ltd are the most prominent provider of both mechanical and electronic key and equipment control systems for the workplace with resellers, distributors, franchisees and agents that offer our products globally to customers.


DataScope is leading the way in supplying a range of innovative systems for the construction industry specifically designed to improve productivity, all while saving time and ensuring compliance. With all our systems being accessed from one simple log in, DataScope is the smart solution for your construction project. LC international works closely with Datascope as an implementation partner to drive the deployment benefits and success.

DataScope works to support you throughout your project, install, manage, host, train and maintain all our systems from start to finish. All our software development is carried out in-house meaning we can create a system that is bespoke to your project’s exacting requirements.


Nureva Wall are our partners in the provision of an interactive digital workspace that supports remote visual collaboration. An ultra-wide image combines with capacitive touch making it easy for people to work together, creating visual workflows and sharing ideas interactively.

The Nureva Spanwall software offers web based interactive display on an incredible scale with simple ways for colleagues to create a visual map of their ideas, using digital-sticky notes, images and other documents.