Integrated Project & Programme Management Execution

Introducing an innovative solution to the built environment

  • An integrated solution blending together People, Process and Digital elements
  • Streamlined, simplified and focused
  • Digitally delivered, intuitive, simple, swift
  • Integrating an improvements focus & culture
  • Accurate real time data
  • People behaviours and language coaching
  • Key PMO functions included

Accelerating performance through seamless co-ordination, collaboration and an improvement approach, digitally enabled.

Traditional project management can be slow to establish, and inflexible. Project managers can be defensive of traditional ways of working, which lean towards focus on reporting rather than action. Projects often duplicate effort due to a lack of integration between systems or silo behaviours.

Typical issues for project teams include:

  1. Lack of clarity of issues and opportunities
  2. Lack of ownership and accountability
  3. Remote digital working needs as a result of Covid19 restrictions
  4. Data is not accurate, real time or agreed
  5. Reporting looks backwards, is late and ineffective
  6. Poor teamwork and collaboration, particularly in regards to improvements
  7. Ensuring the involvement of all stakeholders and suppliers in commonly agreed data driven issue resolution
  8. Ineffective communication between team members and stakeholders
i-PME is an integrated client focused solution to drive performance improvement.

We provide an integrator role, driving efficiency and eliminating bureaucracy. i-PME provides you with streamlined, actionable reporting, improving your data integrity to create a single point of truth. We deliver performance management and improvement, driving innovation, continuous improvement and Modern Methods of Construction adoption.
i-PME establishes robust governance, daily, weekly and monthly. We coach behaviours to promote a high performance culture and integrate your stakeholders to build a collaborative environment.

Best practice technology is integrated into the i-PME solution as appropriate, leveraging the latest digital innovations.

We lock in lessons learned, ensuring the cycle of continuous improvement is strongly embedded.

Our i-PME spans further…

i-PME covers:

  • Construction performance & progress
– Quality
– Cost & Commercial
– Delivery
– Logistics and supply chain
– H&S
  • Overall Integrated Programme status management
  • Procurement status
  • Supply chain status
  • Design performance
  • Package performance
  • Change management
  • Stakeholder Communications
  • Risk Management

i-PME will:

For more information and a demonstration of how i-PME could help you deliver projects and programmes faster and more effectively, please contact us.
Respond faster
Deliver more value
Ensure more effective communications
Improve lessons learned
Recognise and mobilise where change is needed
Provide clear accountability, predictability and stability
For more information and a demonstration of how i-PME could help you deliver projects and programmes faster and more effectively, please contact us.