Behavioural workshops for tender teams as part of client assessment processes

Our series of workshops are designed to work with tender teams, in order to prepare them for a client tender assessment workshop.
These practical workshops are developed and tailored for each client.

Additionally these can be used as team building events within organisations or project teams.


The learner experience

This programme establishes upfront the client demands and tender focus, in order to tailor the workshops and activities.

The workshops are likely to take place over 2-3 days. These will be practical, hands-on exercise, focused with reflection and improvement cycles.

The programme includes personal profiling for all participants as preparation for the workshops.

The learner experience is a very bespoke, practical, value-adding process.

Expected outcomes

An integrated ‘one team’ set up to work collaboratively in the work place or for tender assessments.

A significantly increased chance of a successful tender bid, with your team living your organisational values.

Who would find it valuable?

Tender teams, including directors and managers. Any sector but with informed clients.

These workshops could be run on behalf of main clients, utilising LC international as the assessing organisation.